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21-Oct-2017 20:46

On Sunday, Melissa told the Daily Mail, where the photos were first posted, that she felt "humiliated" after seeing the images and that her "world has been torn apart."Melissa said, "I know it takes two to tango but she knew he was married. In the emotional interview, Melissa said she found out about the photos from a stranger on Instagram who sent her a direct message of the images after they went viral.

As for her feelings on the heiress, Melissa asks, "What sort of woman would do something like this to another woman? What they did destroyed my entire world."In the sit-down, Melissa, who is a nurse, asked, "Did either of them think about the children and how this will affect them? And so am I."Last weekend, in addition to the kissing photos, Chloe, the daughter of disgraced Top Shop billionaire Sir Philip Green, posted a photo of herself, Jeremy and his manager/photographer Jim Jordan."Just the Beginning," she wrote.

"That should be the most important thing from the man's point of view: His child wants him and his child needs him," Finley says.

"Learn to manage as well as you can from the middle ground," says Braver."Workloads go up and down, schedules can shift, and you want some way to take that into account." If you're a dad, divorce doesn't change that.Your child still needs you as a father, not as a visitor., Melissa Meeks, who thought the father of her children was out of the country for a modeling gig, promoting a holiday resort in Turkey. My heart is broken." In the interview, Melissa confessed that her now-estranged husband begged for forgiveness upon his return to California and told her, "I didn't mean for this to happen."The 38-year-old mother of three also insisted that the couple is done and will be divorcing.

From the photos, it appears as though the trip wasn't all work... But just because the marriage may be over, that doesn't mean Melissa's anger has faded.

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