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He was later recruited by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, where he was transferred to London and transferred to the company's board.He since transferred his talents to film making, famously directing Elton John documentary Tantrums & Tiaras in 1997, as well as producing Pride and Predator in 2009 and Gnomeo & Juliet in 2011.These were removed only to reveal packed logs at 3 metre, 6 metre and 9 metre intervals.On removing these layers of logs, the boys were quickly realised that they were going to need more substantial tools if they were going to recover the treasure of Oak Island.As the treasure seekers dug deeper, more oak platforms were recovered at depths of 12 metres, 15.2 metres and at 18.2 metres, with the addition of coconut fibre and putty.At 21.3 metres, they hit a platform of plain oak, followed by more oak but sealed with putty at 24.4 metres.We've got the lowdown on the Candian filmmaker who is married to Elton John... His father, Jack Furnish, was a director at a pharmaceutical company and he is the middle of three brothers.

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At a depth of 33.5 metres, the original shaft was tunnelled into but to no avail.As the three boys began to dig, they found the earth still bore pick marks on its smooth, clay sides.