Dealing rejection dating christian

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Kathy, an aspiring young writer, received a telephone call from a local pastor. The pastor continued, "Martha has a unique ministry, teaching Bible classes on the North Side."You did such a great job of editing my sermon transcripts into booklets, I suggested to Martha Frazier that you do the same for her. She's a bit eccentric," he chuckled briefly, "but she's got some great things to say.If you are no mortal man’s favorite, you are in good company.Besides me, you’re also in the company of the one who was “despised and rejected by men.” Don’t waste the opportunity to be comforted by the great high priest who can sympathize with your weakness because he has experienced the full depths of rejection.You will go into this world full, not empty — satisfied, not starving.Instead of looking around and constantly perceiving the world through the lens of rejection, you will be so safe and secure you will be free to look around and pursue the rejected.Settle it in your mind: You are not alone because you are unwanted, unloved, or rejected.

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The more you seek and experience the glory that comes from the only God, the more of an asset you will be to the hurting and broken around you in the church and the city.I recommended you highly, and she wants you to attend her Bible study tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and she said she'd leave your name at the gate." "What gate? She and Bill managed to pay the rent, to make the car payments, and to eat. "Would you mind terribly moving it around the corner? Thank you so much, dear." Glancing at the woman's huge diamond ring, bejeweled cross, and three diamond bracelets, Kathy was acutely aware of the run in her nylons." "The study is probably in a gated community." Delighted with the job referral, Kathy checked her map after hanging up. It was in the most affluent section of the city, where the properties started at 1.5 million dollars and went up from there. There wasn't much left for clothes—especially the kind she needed for a job interview on Martha's side of town. ." The next day, as Kathy dressed carefully, she was frustrated to find that she had a run in every pair of pantyhose she owned. She realized her inexpensive clothes looked unmatched and tacky as she meekly reparked the car, and her hair kept sticking to the sweat on her forehead.It provides a head start on being satisfied in God.

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Part of the reason rejection hurts so much is because it’s tearing away from us the approval of men.

When I was a little girl, I never associated being alone with being rejected. However, if I’m not careful, my joy of aloneness gets sabotaged by the painful thought that maybe I am alone because I am not wanted, not chosen, no one’s favorite.