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30-Jun-2017 20:36

What This Feature Does: Call Detail Records (CDR) Data Collection and Reporting collects and reports details of registrations, peer-to-peer communications and meetings that have occurred using Lync Server.Information Collected, Processed, or Transmitted: If enabled, the data from all registrations, peer-to-peer communications and meetings is recorded in the CDR database.Use of Information: The information in the search string will be used to search for matching records.Choice/Control: The Address Book Service is enabled by default. What This Feature Does: Call Admission Control allows enterprise administrators to control the amount of Lync Server audio/video traffic on WAN link.(The content is not recorded.) The CDR data is stored in the Monitoring Server database that is deployed in the enterprise and reported in a set of standard Monitoring Server reports. Use of Information: The CDR data can be used to review the history of registrations, peer-to-peer communications and meeting that happened in the organization.

What This Feature Does: Archiving provides organizations that may be subject to retention requirements based on industry or regulatory requirements, or which may have their own organizational retention requirements with a way to archive certain Lync related communications and usage data in support of those requirements.Information Collected, Processed, or Transmitted: Call Admission Control collects, processes and receives the IP addresses of the caller and the callee, the endpoint location information (inside or outside the enterprise network) of both sides, and whether the call is federated. Use of Information: The enterprise administrator can use this information to administer the enterprise’s use of a particular WAN link for audio/video calls Lync Server.