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29-Jun-2017 03:27

One of the stranger call-ins on my interview with Kathleen Dunn last month was when a woman who proudly declared that she was a math major in college asserted that 23and Me had told her she wasn’t at risk for many diseases which now in her 60s she had developed.I didn’t want to be too pointed about it, but if you are in your 60s you are at risk for developing many illnesses no matter what your “genetic risk.” This is clear from 23and Me’s statistics, which display high baseline risks for many common diseases.The government could potentially bankrupt 23and Me, but taking a step back that would still be like the RIAA managing to take down Napster.The information is coming, and if there’s one thing that can overpower state planning it is consumer demand.If you haven’t, please read the FDA’s letter, and 23and Me’s response, as much as there is one right now.

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An interesting aspect is that many who are not deeply in the technical weeds of the issue are exhibiting politicized responses.

I’m afraid that they goofed here, and miscalculated.

As I said above, it won’t make a major difference in the long run, but I have many friends who were waiting until this Christmas to purchase kits from 23and Me.

Over the long term I’m optimistic that it will evolve into a field which impacts our lives broadly.

Nothing the United States government can do will change that.

On the one hand you have someone like Alex Tabarrok, with “Our DNA, Our Selves”, which is close to a libertarian cri de coeur.

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