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An adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel about a 200 pound St. The once friendly animal terrorizes a mother & son who find themselves trapped in their broken down car. A British film about an English Sheepdog who manages to ingest a growth formula that makes him continue to grow.

His owner realizes he has to do something before Digby grows to gargantuan proportions.

With the dogs help he makes the team & avoids those looking to cash in on Bud’s amazing game.by John Grogan, this is the story of an incorrigible yellow lab and the family that grows to love him in spite of his destructive habits.A story that will touch the hearts of anyone who has ever loved a dog.The tale of a friendship between 8 sled dogs who become stranded in Antarctica during a particularly cold spell.

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Their guide Jerry will stop at nothing to rescue them and both dog and man overcome incredible obstacles to reach each other.

A nosy reporter breaks into a lab that does experiments on animals and kidnaps MAX an experimental dog with the intelligence of a person.