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Cindy had been surprised to see that some of the people on Crete, especially the younger men, were obviously African immigrants.

Two such men were sitting at a table on a patio, right across the street one story below her, having drinks with two, rather mature, blonde haired, blue eyed, obviously nordic women.

It was almost oppressively hot, but there was a breeze blowing from the blue waters of the Mediterranean that made the heat almost easy to bear.

Cindy savored the sensual sensation of her dress billowing around her.

With experience dating back to 1947, the Grimaldi Group is a multinational logistics Group specialised in the operation of roll-on/roll-off vessels, car carriers and ferries.

It is a dedicated supplier of integrated logistics services based on maritime transport to the worlds major vehicle manufacturers.

She had confessed her unfulfilled desires and regrets about lost opportunities.

The realization that the two African men were wearing skimpy, speedo style bathing suits provoked a blush from Cindy.

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