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These should be widely available online and might be available in some stores.The Pivot appears to be the physically smallest of the available drives with write protection; the Clip is smaller and will fit tighter spaces but has a large protective carrier.This listing is based on reports from several discussion boards in 2009-2010 as well as a list prepared and maintained by c’t Magazine (German) (or via Google Translate).Where available I provide links to the manufacturers and possibly to stores where the drives are available.The Defender Elite lists read speeds of 28-33MB/sec (20-33 for 32-64GB) and write speeds of 10-13MB/sec.Update 2012-04-13: Only the base U339 model is still listed as available in this product line, and none of PQI’s other USB flash drives appear to have a write-protect switch.According to c’t (link above) these are the same as the Trek Stor USB-Stick CS described below.

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It’s not clear whether it can be used without the encryption, but it’s expensive for a plain flash drive because you’re paying for the encryption hardware.

Frequently when troubleshooting or cleaning PCs (ah, the joys of small business IT) it’s useful to have a bundle of tools that you can use.

I generally use multiboot antivirus CDs created with Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disc Utility (SARDU) with additional utilities put in the Extras directory, but sometimes it’s hard to beat the convenience of a USB flash drive.

I’ve seen the Imation Clip in a few places that catered to students and the Imation Pivot and Swivel (both older model and newer) are carried in the CDW showroom near Chicago; beyond that I have not found the other drives locally available.

The national computer (Tiger Direct/Comp USA, Frys) and electronics (Best Buy) chains don’t list most of these drives as available online and for the most part don’t seem to carry many drives from these manufacturers at all (Tiger Direct/Comp USA carries the Kanguru Defender Elites).The Hama Flash Pen “Fancy” (2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB) appears to be primarily available in Europe.