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Catch Beth Wimmer live on tour in 2018, primarily in Switzerland, with tour dates in Austria, Germany, Italy, Holland and other European states also in the works. "This is the most exciting archival dig through The Monkees' vault since 2009's 'The Birds, The Bees And The Monkees" deluxe edition.

Now, I have finally decided to release a few of my own songs on an album, this time under my own name, or rather, Lelle Dahlberg.It’s called “Campfire”, and it appears on the soundtrack to the new Netflix film, 'Bright', starring Will Smith.The soundtrack album is due out December 22nd, 2017, via Atlantic Records.This super deluxe edition takes listeners into the studio for the making of the album through extensive studio outtakes.

Many make their debut here, including the 1st recorded versions of "Words", "Valleri", "Hold On Girl" and more.

"More Of The Monkees", super deluxe edition, was available on December 15th, 2017.