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07-Sep-2017 13:19

He can’t make decisions on his own, constantly defers to the woman, has no strong opinions on anything, and is, essentially, a doormat. A doormat is a doormat; doesn’t mean he’s a nice guy. A nice guy isn’t nice if he harbors deep feelings of resentment toward the fairer sex.Nice guys are simply men who respect women and there is no “nice guy” prerequisite that says you have to be a pu***. Myth #3: Nice Guys are borderline gay I’ve been hearing this recently and again, we’re talking about extremes.In response to the increasing sexual and gender confusion, there’s a knee-jerk reaction of embracing stereotypical male and female roles.In other words, to combat the rising tide of “I have no idea what gender I am and you’re not allowed to have a problem with that,” the age-old stigmas are actually seen as positives.Anyway I don't know whether I did give him the wrong number or whether he just hasn't text me?I added him on Facebook and he accepted but I'm too scared to inbox him saying "Oh I think I gave you the wrong number" in case I hadn't and he just didn't text me?

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men have ulterior motives that aren’t “nice.” Given this line of reasoning, it’s actually impossible for the “nice guy” label to exist and at this point, ladies might just shrug and say, “Okay then, there’s no such thing as a nice guy.”Which is undeniably one of the most bitter and depressing statements any woman can make.

Ok so I met this guy when I was out, I was pretty drunk when he asked me to put my number in his phone...